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Booking / Rates

For your convenience you can book your fishing trip by filling out the form below, or by calling us.
Balance of all fees are payable upon arrival the day of your scheduled trip.

The deposit for all trips is $100.00

Fishing Dates

Freshwater Fishing Trips
 Canyon Lake Morning: $295.00 Canyon Lake Full Day: $395.00 Colorado River Full Day: $450.00 Colorado River Overnight: $900.00 Devils River 1 Day: $600.00 Devils River 3 Day: $1500.0 Guadalupe River Half Day 1person: $229.00 Guadalupe River Full Day 1 person: $349.00 Guadalupe River Half Day 2person/Price per angler: $129.00 Guadalupe River Full Day 2 Person/Price per angler: $189.00 Llano River Full Day: $475.00 Llano Overnight: $900.00 San Marcos River Full Day: $425.00
Shuttle Trips
 Devils Shuttle SNA to SNA : $480.00 Devils Shuttle Bakers Crossing to SNA: $680.00
SaltwaterFishing Trips
 Kayak Rental: $65 Canoe Rental: $100 Port OConnor Full Day: $550.00 Port OConnor 5 Hour : $450.00

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