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by Ron Romeis on Reel Fly

My Daughter and I had a memorable trip with Brent on the Guad. Sight casting to rainbows and enjoying the beautiful Texas scenery. Excellent service on the water and in the fly shop. Be sure to check with Ashley in the shop for the current go to flies.

by Kay Jackson on Reel Fly

My husband, Les, and I had another great trip with Reel Fly Fishing. Dry fly fishing in December was amazing, especially seeing the fish come up to take the fly. We also enjoy staying in the Creel B& comfortable and cozy for a wonderful weekend. Two thumbs up!

by Bill Grant on Reel Fly

Was able to enjoy two trips during the holidays. First was with Ryan just before Thankgiving. Caught my largest freshwater trout ever and topped that with my first Palomino. Had so much fun, told my son and we returned before Christmas to fish with Brent. Again, we experienced a trip full of memories. We will be back. Go Tigers (Clemson)!

by Ron Powell on Reel Fly

Had a very enjoyable day on the river with Brent. Very educational and we caught fish. I would highly recommend him as a guide.

by Russel Moore on Reel Fly

Brent runs a first class operation! From the quality of his tackle and equipment to his positive attitude, everything was fantastic. Planning my third trip with Brent now!

by Gary Griffin on Reel Fly

I used to think that Texas trout were a joke. After a couple trips with Brent recently..... aint no joke! First class fishing and more important, a first class guide and operation!

by Ryan Young on Reel Fly

Saw your shout-out on Facebook for testimonials. I have been into Reel Fly a couple times and was always happy with the service, but what impressed me the most came from my wife. You see, I had told her many times Reel Fly was where I was going to buy my new fly rod. She ended up driving up there and purchasing my fly rod for my birthday back in December. After I opened my gift she told me all about the conversation and help she got from Brent. My wife knows nothing about fly fishing and had no idea what to buy but the help she received really made her feel comfortable. She could not stop raving about how friendly Brent and his wife were and how awesome the dog was in the shop! Thanks guys for treating my wife so great and helping her out!

by Monica Prince on Reel Fly

As I have only been on 2 guided fly fishing tours, I don't have a lot to compare to, but I had a blast. Ryan did a great job of teaching me what I was doing wrong (which was just about everything) while making sure I still had fun. He also made sure my boyfriend, who is a much more experienced fisherman than myself, had a good time as well. Thanks guys. Can't wait to see you again sometime!

by Matt Blyth on Reel Fly

Thanks for an awesome trip to the Devil's River at the end of March! We caught some great fish had a fantastic time. Brent, Ryan and Miles all worked really hard to make the trip a success and to get the boats and all our gear through some of those rapids. The trip is not for everyone, but if you like your fishing more on the wild side and you don’t mind rustic camping then the Devils has to be one of the most spectacular places in Texas to see and catch trophy sized bass. I will be back next year! I have also taken several Guadalupe and saltwater trips in the past with Brent and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Brent works tirelessly on the oars or polling platform all day trying to put clients on fish and it's that dedication that keeps me coming back and recommending ReelFly to others!

by Bret Walker on Reel Fly

I took my first Texas Gulf Coast flyfishing trip with Brent on Saturday (July 20th). What a great day out! I caught my first ever Jack Crevalle, and did it on a fly. Everything after that was just gravy. Brent was great, and he gave us a FULL day of fishing. I'll be back...

by James Moore on Reel Fly

My first float trip ever on the Gauadalupe River with Brent. Exellant guide. Put us on fish at every spot we hit. Have to do it again and again.

by George Hancock on Reel Fly

Went out with Brent and Ryan yesterday (2-11). It was cold and misting rain, but the fishing was great. These two guys know the Guadalupe and fly fishing for trout "like the back of their hand". I recommend them highly!

by David on Reel Fly

Had a great trip with Zack on Sunday afternoon. Caught some fish, missed some fish and learned a lot. He's a patient guy who enjoys what he is doing. Definite asset to your shop.

by Frank Smith on Reel Fly

I am one of Brent's "original" fly fisherman. Each trip down the Guadalupe was a wonderful and enlightening trip... he works eith each fly fisherman in such a relaxed and professional manner that you cannot wait for the next time. And each time with his "suggestions" the Hog count got higher. Twice I have ventured to his saltwater Port O'Connor place with each trip having lots of pole bending with nice fish and am getting ready to schedule another trip.

by Philip O'Hara on Reel Fly

Putting into words my experience with Reel Fly will be difficult. These guys are doing it right!! I had a buddy of mine call me up and ask if I was interested in going fly-fishing. I said sure with little to no expectations. We went the last week of May with the hope of catching a few cold ones and little else. The fellows at Reel Fly had other things in mind and crushed our expectations. We booked a half day with the option to continue. Basically, giving us an out if our guide was not a good fit. We knew within minutes that a full-day was happening!!! Ryan is awesome. He took the time initially to show us the basic "roll cast" but was so patient and relaxed in his approach. We spent the first hour just practicing. Once we got on the water, we just practiced the "KISS" principle. He spoke us with a practice in my industry we call "constant gentle pressure." Minor corrections applied with consistent improvement. Three hours into the trip my buddy caught a 17" TROUT!! AWESOME! Over the next few hours, we practiced a variety of things. Once again, our expectations were realistic. It was midday in late May with low visibility and about 85 degrees and rising. Ryan kept with us. We stopped and he showed how to cross cast up the drift. Later, we stopped and learned how to false cast. It was so much more than the mechanics. He explained how fish approach from downstream and the principles of which direction to set. I got an education from our guide that would have taken years fumbling through without him. Around 4, this all paid off. We stopped at the 2nd to last hole. Waded, false casting about 25 upstream and down along a drop off. I hook set and missed a nibble and tried tried two more times REELING IN A 17+" TROUT!! (Reel fly is welcome to post the picture.) I am a professional cook and thought that bagging a fish and preparing it would be the ultimate means of satiating some primal desire. I was so wrong. Watching my fish get acclimated to the environment and then swim away gave me the most intimate moment with nature I have known. This trip was not only limbic but also a technical learning experience. The highlight of the applied education came at the last hole. Ryan cast demonstrating single and double hauls. Watching this guy in his element was jaw-dropping. The glint in his eyes as he speaks of his experience with Leftie Creh, the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of Fly. I envy this!!. One should be so lucky to have that kind of passion. This guy was working his tail off all day circling drift, watching us, fixing all our tangled lines,......above and beyond in all manner: Then gets to show us "What is possible." MIND-BLOWN!?! We are almost 12 hours into our trip.... and this guide would have started again easily at the 5 am next day or perhaps even driven us to coast that evening. Amazing. The day that Reel Fly and Ryan made possible is and certainly will be one of the best of my life. I know that someday I will be nostalgic about "days gone by" and remembering this trip will make me weep for a myriad of reasons. If you are kicking the idea around; you have to go fishing with these guys. For me, It is all downstream from here.

by Rich Metzler on Reel Fly

Wonderful Trip! We put in at Port O'Connor for my first salt water fishing experience and Brent was great. We started out for Tarpon and then moved into the shallows for red fish where I caught my first one and it was a keeper. Looking forward to scheduling another trip soon.

by Bob Parker on Reel Fly

I just have to say this trip was nothing short of a blast. From booking to communications to actual fishing, every part of this trip was great. I wanted to introduce my 19 year old son to fly fishing for the first time and he got hooked. Thanks to the amazing team at Reel Fly, my son now has a passion for something he can do the rest of his life. That is a gift that keeps on giving. I am planning on booking again with these guys during fly fishing season as well. Thanks again.

by Becky LyBrand on Reel Fly

It was fun, relaxing, and we caught more fish than I have ever caught before. Had no idea there were so many "monster rainbows " in the Guad. We will be back!

by David Brewer on Reel Fly

I never submit testimonials but I have been on guided fly fishing trips on the San Juan and Brent has surpass both trips in just one on the Guadalupe, two thumps up. Cannot wait for a bass fishing trip on the Colorado.

by Gary Bomar on Reel Fly

"Kid Frendly" As a family outing, and a family that loves fly fishing, we book a full day with myself and son-in-law and a half day for my daugher and eight year old grandson. I was wrong about just a half day for him, he was disappointed when the trip ended. It was great watching him land four trout from a drift boat. Was impressed with the way the guides work with him, and made a grandfather proud. Would recommend Brent and Reel Fly for a great family outing. Looking forward to our next trip.

by James Moore on Reel Fly

Brent is an excellent guide! His friendliness, patience with beginners and expertise of the river combined with the intimate knowledge of the sport make any trip peaceful, relaxing, educational and entertaining. He's the long lost friend that you get to spend the day on the river with. Can't thank him enough for all that he shared with us. Fish-on even with toober's and kayakers abundantly around.

by Marcus Brooks on Reel Fly

Ryan and Jud did a wonderful job. Ryan patiently worked with my son and encouraged him. He was a perfect teacher. Owen really enjoyed himself and looking forward to returning. Ryan also worked the flys to help us entice the trout bite. Jud was a professional and made sure that my mother had what she needed and really worked the flys for her until he found what the trout were biting on and caught a 18 incher. Brent, you and your team at Reel Fly along with your relationships with your fellow guide services created an ideal day. I highly recommend your professional services.

by Bill Hodges on Reel Fly

Brent's Beaver tail skiff was great to fly fish the flats at Port O Conner for Reds and as always he put me on plenty of fish, all his gear is fist class and he has a great knowalage of the fish and the area we fish in.Thanks again for a great trip.

by Will Chism on Reel Fly

Reel Fly is a top notch guide service. My brother and I booked a saltwater trip recently, and we had a blast. Brent worked hard on the water, which led to alot of shots at fish. Ashley took care of the details, and went the extra mile to make our trip easy and stress free. I'm looking forward to my next trip already.

by Millie Meinscher on Reel Fly

Learning to fly fish has always been a dream of mine. My husband and I booked an all day trip with Ryan. I needed someone with patience and a sense of humor since I had never fly fished, at all. Ryan was perfect for our trip! My husband and I both caught trout. It was a great day! Also, visit Reel Fly. Ashley and Brent are so helpful and are always restocking. You won't go wrong on your next fly fishing trip. Just do it!